Kyoto: sightseeing area 3

NOTE: Please read the last and the last but one article before reading this.

Today’s article is about “Todaiji.”  We introduced “Kinkakuji” last time. And both of them have the same letter “ji”. In this case, “ji” means temple. The following is brief profile of “Todaiji”. Continue reading Kyoto: sightseeing area 3

Kyoto: means of transportation

Are you willing to visit Japan for sightseeing, business research or both? Whatever your purpose is, Kyoto is pretty good and must place to visit.

Here, we would provide useful information to tour a city. Today’s topic is means of transportation. There are two ways to move around Kyoto. Continue reading Kyoto: means of transportation

Japanese traditional culture: shikki(japan), lacquerware

Today, we would talk about shikki (japan).

Shikki (japan)  is a cup with lacquer. It is Asian traditional work. For example, it is from Japan, China, Korea and Thailand. Continue reading Japanese traditional culture: shikki(japan), lacquerware