Job search in Japan

Do you want to get a job in Japan? What kind of job do you want?

This is an article about work style in Japan. At first, have you ever imagined to work in Japan?

As you might know, employment environment and employment conditions is completely different from other countries. For example, it is not easy to get a day off even if it is a written in a company. And you cannot take long holiday such as vacation.

However, under the situation, new attempt is being tried. It is called “yuukatsu”. It is new work style is and attempt to start working earlier than usual. As a result, people could finish working earlier and have much free time after their job.

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Ichiro has come to ten thousands bat

Here is a big news. Ichiro has come to ten thousands bat, yesterday.

As you may know, he is very famous for baseball and his great records. Though we cannot say he was blessed with a gift for playing baseball because he is tiny and thin. So, how he overcame the difficulty?

One of the secret to his success came from his steady effort. For example, he decided upon a definite goal: To sign a million dollar contract. And he practiced almost every day to be a great player. Also, he had gone to a gym for 7 years.

Also, not only baseball, he also put his efforts into study. And he maintained a straight-A average when he was a student.

We are looking forward to his new record!!


How to use chopsticks

We would like to introduce about “chopsticks” in this article.

Japanese is famous for to use chopsticks to eat meal. However, it is difficult for foreigners to use it properly. It seems that not a lot of people use chopsticks. However, about 30% of global population use it according to one statistics.

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Bread pudding in Japan

We would like to introduce bread culture in Japan.

There are a lot of bakery in Japan. And they sell a variety of bread. For example, you could find bread stuffed with daily dish such as fried noodles and curry. Or some bread are with pudding and bean jam.

Also, you could buy all kinds of breads at convenience store, not only at bakery. Nowadays, it is popular for woman to make bread at home. And there is bread machine for rice flour. So people could enjoy bread at home easily.

At some coffee-house, they serve bread pudding as snack and breakfast. And it is one of the popular menu.

If you have chance, please visit the following coffee-shop. You could enjoy delicious bread pudding.



River eel

River eel is often eaten among Japanese. Especially, on the day of the ox in midsummer, people gang up to buy river eel. It is said that river eel is good for suffering from the summer heat. And there are a specialized restaurant for eel.

Originally, river eel has been eaten for a long time. In Edo Period, people became to eat river eel very often because a lot of eel can be seen by land reclamation. It was food for working person and much more reasonable.

It is recently that people eat it in the way such as grilled eel and spicy broiled eel bowl.

Here is the popular restaurant for river eel in Tokyo.



Nishikori beat down Nadal

Finally, Nishikori beat down Nadal!!

Kei Nishikori, 25, won a bitter victory. The opponent was Rafael Nadal, 29.

He already won over the other BIG4, Djokovic, Federer and Murray. So, inclucing this game, he won all BIG4.

Though his name is known in the world now, little people know his career.

He started tennis when he was 5 years ago. And he took the top spot in different meet. His great success attracted people’s attention, including people involved in tennis and he was invited camp training. After that, he became to take part in tennis fund and was bought out. He decided to practice in the United States. Present success is known broadly.

Everyone is looking forward to his further success and must pay attention to him.

tennis court

New Year’s greeting card

We would like to introduce New Year’s greeting card in this article.

As the name shows, New Year’s greeting card is a card which people send to their friends, relatives and boss. People start to write the card in advance to be delivered it on January 1.

Originally, in Nara and Heian era, people already sent greeting message though the form was completely different from present one. In 1873, postcard was issued and people became to send the card as a means of greeting of New Year.

Nowadays, the number of people who send the card is decreasing because of e-mail. However, it is still one of the important communication tool to express gratitude.


Vending machine in Japan

There are a variety kinds of vending machine in Japan.

It is from gum to instant noodle. Interestingly, banana or apple is also sold in the machine. However, the most popular one is beverage such as juice, water and coffee.

Also, you could buy cigarette in the machine. In Japan, people are allowed to smoke when they get 20 years old. However, everyone could buy it a little while ago. Nowadays, you need “taspo” to buy it. Taspo is a card which certify your age.

Originally, the first vending machine in Japan was invented by Mr. Tawaraya and it was a machine for cigarette. During 20 century, the number of machine was increasing. However, it is decreasing, nowadays.

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Sightseeing in Kobe

We would like to introduce sightseeing place in Kobe.

Kobe is a name of city and it faces on both mountain and sea. And the picture above is “Sannomiya”, a downtown in Kobe.

A red tower on the left side of the picture is called “Kobe Port Tower”. It is a symbol of the city. At night, it is lighted up for a limited time only. Also, you could enjoy shopping around there.

Also, you can enjoy historical townscape when you visit Kitanozaka. It takes about 30 minutes by walk from Sannomiya station. A lot of foreigner used to live there.

It is convenient to use City Loop bus. It goes around Kobe in 60 minutes.


Lake Biwa

We would like to introduce Lake Biwa in this article.

It is located in Shiga prefecture and the biggest lake in Japan. At the same time, it has the largest storage capacity of all lake in Japan.

Because the lake has freshwater, many kinds of fish can be seen there. However, the number of native-species is decreasing because that of alien species is increasing. Some non-native fish has eaten native-species and it became a big problem.

Ironically, Lake Biwa is becoming famous for bass fishing, now. And some fisherman compete how many bass they could fish with others.

Also, Lake Biwa is good for hiking and cycling. There are some rental cycle shop around and you can enjoy it.

In summer, you can enjoy a grand display of fireworks. Please check the website below for more information.