Matsuri in Japan

We would like to introduce about “matsuri” in Japan in this article.

At first, do you know what “matsuri” means? Matsuri means festival in English. However, matsuri has a deeper connotation than that.

In Japanese, matsuri comes from the word, “matsuru”. Matsuru express a feeling of gratitude to Gods. And for him, we offer alcoholic beverages and some snacks to the Gods.

The picture describes “hinamatsuri”. It is on March 3, a day to celebrate health growth of girls. And on that day, we eat scattered sushi or cubic rice crackers for hinamatsuri.

There are some place where you can experience hinamatsuri. Please refer to the following website.


Abacus maths

Do you know what the picture above is? It is abacus and called “soroban” in Japan. And the purpose is to calculate.

Nowadays, we have little chance to use abacus because electronic calculator and personal computer have been widely used. And they enable us to calculate hundreds of millions of numbers in a fraction of a second.

However, it is said that abacus is effective for education, nowadays. And some school introduce abacus to class of math. Also, the number of abacus school is increasing little by little and got popularity. It is because a lot of students could be good at doing calculations in one’s head due to abacus.

Please try it!!