A sightseeing place to visit in Gion

We would like to introduce Gion in this article.

Gion is a one of the foremost an entertainment quarter in Kyoto. The closest station is Kawaramachi in Hankyu line and 15 minutes walk from the statin.

One of the popular place is Yasaka shrine. It is designated as important cultural properties and a lot of people visit the shrine every year. It is said that Yasaka shrine was built for ward off pestilence in Heian period.

Around there, you could try a rickshaw ride. It is well known as tourism specialty. A man who pull the ride is not only for pulling car, but also attract tourists by introducing Kyoto. Also, they need to work in sales and present themselves. So, they always take a process of trial and error to please their customers.

Gion is also famous for stone-flagged street. It makes you feel as if you slip back in time to Edo or Meiji era. Many high-class Japanese-style restaurant is around there.

If you visit Kyoto, please do not forget visiting Gion.

stone path

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