A spirit of Kendo

We introduced what Kendo is last time.

This time, we would talk about a spirit of Kendo.

A goal of Kendo is not only to beat a competition, but also to train ourselves. According to “All Japan Kendo Federation”, Kendo is the way of character building by training of economy of a sword. In other words, man makes it natural, draws out the “wonderful character” we have, polishes and trains by performing Kendo.

Moreover, we could develop autonomy by practicing Kendo. It is because Kendo is something to do by oneself. In other words, it is a battle against oneself. Even if we were in desperate situation during a game, we have to come through by our own power. For it, we need to judge what is going on and take action properly. By repeating these action through a game and practice, we could develop autonomy.

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