Job search in Japan

Do you want to get a job in Japan? What kind of job do you want?

This is an article about work style in Japan. At first, have you ever imagined to work in Japan?

As you might know, employment environment and employment conditions is completely different from other countries. For example, it is not easy to get a day off even if it is a written in a company. And you cannot take long holiday such as vacation.

However, under the situation, new attempt is being tried. It is called “yuukatsu”. It is new work style is and attempt to start working earlier than usual. As a result, people could finish working earlier and have much free time after their job.

If you are interested in it, please check the following website.


Ichiro has come to ten thousands bat

Here is a big news. Ichiro has come to ten thousands bat, yesterday.

As you may know, he is very famous for baseball and his great records. Though we cannot say he was blessed with a gift for playing baseball because he is tiny and thin. So, how he overcame the difficulty?

One of the secret to his success came from his steady effort. For example, he decided upon a definite goal: To sign a million dollar contract. And he practiced almost every day to be a great player. Also, he had gone to a gym for 7 years.

Also, not only baseball, he also put his efforts into study. And he maintained a straight-A average when he was a student.

We are looking forward to his new record!!