Eisaku Sato

Cross-cultural communication

We introduced how to establish credibility through the rules of business. This time, we would like to discuss “Communication”.

Before that, here is one interesting episode.

On the bilateral talks between the Premier Sato and the President Nixson in 1969, the problem occurred. At that time, the USA saw large imports from Japan as a big problem. So, they discussed it and the President Nixon asked  the Premier Sato to limit the export to the USA. Then, the Premier Sato replied, “I will do my best.”  It meant, “I will do what I can”. However, the President Nixon thought he would solve the problem. This is the example of misunderstanding. In here, a point is why the Premier Sato did not state his opinion clearly.

We can see the way of communication in Japan through this example. They sometimes think it is not good to express their opinions. For example, they say “yes”, but think “no” in some situations.

To avoid this kind of misunderstanding, we would like to recommend some books. Please check the next article. Nixon

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