How to use chopsticks

We would like to introduce about “chopsticks” in this article.

Japanese is famous for to use chopsticks to eat meal. However, it is difficult for foreigners to use it properly. It seems that not a lot of people use chopsticks. However, about 30% of global population use it according to one statistics.

In general, it is very difficult for foreigners to use chopsticks. However, a number of people who eat Japanese dish and Chinese dish is increasing. And not a few people can use it now.

When you eat out in Japan, you can see chopsticks made by wood. It is called “waribashi”, and disposable chopsticks. Though it is hygienic, it is not good for environment. So, some people go out to eat with their own chopsticks.

During the New Year’s holidays, people use different kind of chopsticks. Both ends of the chopsticks is shaped for eating. It is because we can eat special dish with god. So, one end is for people and the other is for god.

When you use chopsticks, you need pick up other and grab as if you hold a pencil. And add it the other. At first, it might be difficult to manipulate it. So, just practice to move until you can manipulate properly. After that, please hold something easy to grab.

As we mentioned above, chopsticks is not only for eating but also express Japanese culture.



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