Do you know what Kimono is?

It is Japanese traditional cloth and was everyday cloth until Meiji period. However, few Japanese puts on a kimono with inflow of western culture.

We introduced about a tourist spot and a hotel in Kyoto over several times. If you are interested in Kyoto and visit there, please experience dressing by all means.

There are a lot of companies which can experience Japanese culture in Kyoto. Wakjapan is one of them. You could experience different Japanese culture, from wearing kimono to calligraphy.

It might be hard to put on a kimono and move. So, how about using taxi at such time? A taxi in Kyoto has fascinating service. It is the system that the charge is discounted when you take a taxi by kimono or yukata.

There are another popular topic about taxi in Kyoto. It is said that when you could take a taxi with four-leaf clover, a good thing occurs to you. So, please find it when you visit Kyoto.

taxi with four leaf clover

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