Kyoto: means of transportation

Are you willing to visit Japan for sightseeing, business research or both? Whatever your purpose is, Kyoto is pretty good and must place to visit.

Here, we would provide useful information to tour a city. Today’s topic is means of transportation. There are two ways to move around Kyoto.

One way is bus. Many buses run around Kyoto and you could move one place to another place freely. One-way fare is 230 yen. So, if you choose this as main means of transportation, it might be better to buy one-day free ticket. It is only 500 yen. You could get in the bus and vending machine in front of JR Kyoto Station. However, it sometimes crowded, especially during summer vacation. So, you let some buses go.

Another way is bicycle. There are a lot of places we could rent bicycle in central part of Kyoto. The advantage is you do not need to worry about to wait for a next bus. However, some sightseeing place is on the top of the mountain or no parking place. So, please do not check the place and see if there is parking lot.

Next is sightseeing place in Kyoto.


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