Vending machine in Japan

There are a variety kinds of vending machine in Japan.

It is from gum to instant noodle. Interestingly, banana or apple is also sold in the machine. However, the most popular one is beverage such as juice, water and coffee.

Also, you could buy cigarette in the machine. In Japan, people are allowed to smoke when they get 20 years old. However, everyone could buy it a little while ago. Nowadays, you need “taspo” to buy it. Taspo is a card which certify your age.

Originally, the first vending machine in Japan was invented by Mr. Tawaraya and it was a machine for cigarette. During 20 century, the number of machine was increasing. However, it is decreasing, nowadays.

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Sightseeing in Kobe

We would like to introduce sightseeing place in Kobe.

Kobe is a name of city and it faces on both mountain and sea. And the picture above is “Sannomiya”, a downtown in Kobe.

A red tower on the left side of the picture is called “Kobe Port Tower”. It is a symbol of the city. At night, it is lighted up for a limited time only. Also, you could enjoy shopping around there.

Also, you can enjoy historical townscape when you visit Kitanozaka. It takes about 30 minutes by walk from Sannomiya station. A lot of foreigner used to live there.

It is convenient to use City Loop bus. It goes around Kobe in 60 minutes.


Lake Biwa

We would like to introduce Lake Biwa in this article.

It is located in Shiga prefecture and the biggest lake in Japan. At the same time, it has the largest storage capacity of all lake in Japan.

Because the lake has freshwater, many kinds of fish can be seen there. However, the number of native-species is decreasing because that of alien species is increasing. Some non-native fish has eaten native-species and it became a big problem.

Ironically, Lake Biwa is becoming famous for bass fishing, now. And some fisherman compete how many bass they could fish with others.

Also, Lake Biwa is good for hiking and cycling. There are some rental cycle shop around and you can enjoy it.

In summer, you can enjoy a grand display of fireworks. Please check the website below for more information.

Wanko soba

We would like to introduce “Wanko soba” in this article.

Wanko soba is one of soba. It has come down to the present in Iwate prefecture. And it spread throughout all over Japan.

Wsnko soba is slightly different from other soba. When customer finish eating, a staff at the restaurant put bite-sized soba into the bowl. Customer and staff continue this movement until customer get full. So, customer need to close a lid quickly not to be put soba into the bowl.

In some area, competition is held every year and participants compete who could eat soba a lot within the time limit.

To eat as much as possible, there are some tricks. For example, you should not skip some meal to be hungry. And you need to be careful not to drink seasoning soy sauce.

If you visit Japan, please try it!!




Print club sticker

We would like to introduce about print club sticker in this article.

In Japan, it is very popular among junior high school and high school students, especially girls.

It goes without saying that there is at least one machine to make sticker in video arcades. It costs 400 yen to use it and you could choose a scale of the sticker.

The machine has some interesting function. And it makes us more cute and beautiful. For example, eyes will be bigger and skin color will be white. Also, we could change hair style, hair color and cloth. Some video arcades lend animal suit for print club sticker.

Girls often use it and exchange the sticker each other. It is one of the way of communication.

video arcades

A sightseeing place to visit in Gion

We would like to introduce Gion in this article.

Gion is a one of the foremost an entertainment quarter in Kyoto. The closest station is Kawaramachi in Hankyu line and 15 minutes walk from the statin.

One of the popular place is Yasaka shrine. It is designated as important cultural properties and a lot of people visit the shrine every year. It is said that Yasaka shrine was built for ward off pestilence in Heian period.

Around there, you could try a rickshaw ride. It is well known as tourism specialty. A man who pull the ride is not only for pulling car, but also attract tourists by introducing Kyoto. Also, they need to work in sales and present themselves. So, they always take a process of trial and error to please their customers.

Gion is also famous for stone-flagged street. It makes you feel as if you slip back in time to Edo or Meiji era. Many high-class Japanese-style restaurant is around there.

If you visit Kyoto, please do not forget visiting Gion.

stone path