Rice ball

This is an article about rice ball.

By the way, have you ever eaten rice ball? It is common among Japanese. For example, mother often make it for breakfast and lunch.

Rice ball is very popular. One reason is that you could eat rice and side dish at the same time. There are a variety of filling from a pickled Japanese apricot to raw tuna.

Mother usually make lunch for their family when they go out picnic or athletic festival. A good point of rice ball is that it is easy to eat. People eat it by hand, so even young child who cannot use chopsticks well eat.

Though filling is covered with rice and we could not know what it is in, new .rice ball is appearing. It is called “onigirazu”. In Japanese, rice ball is “onigiri”. So, onigirazu means rice ball which filling is not covered with rice, fully.

Or, there are interesting rice ball which is covered with meat instead of rice. And it became special food in Kyushu area.

As we introduced above, rice ball is absolutely necessary for Japanese life.

rice ball 2


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