Today’s topic is sake. In Japan, alcohol is called sake. You could enjoy a variety of sake from Japanese sake to western sake. And there are a lot of restaurant where you could enjoy sake. For example,

“Izakaya” is one of them. It is the place where you could enjoy food and sake. They are reasonable and salary man often go there after work with their colleagues and boss.

Another one is bar. You could enjoy mainly western sake in here. It costs a lot compared to “Izakaya”. However, a master of the bar make original alcohol only for you.

By the way, have you ever heard the word, “Nihonsyu”? It needs rice and fresh water. Kobe and Nishinomiya is famous for sake. Because of Rokko mountain, there are a lot of fresh water and could get easily. Especially in Kobe, you could enjoy tasting sake and look around how to make sake.

If you visit Kobe, we recommend you to go there. Please check website below.


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