Strategy of Universal Studio Japan

This time, we would present strategy of Universal Studio Japan compared with Tokyo Disney Land.

At first, let us give a brief introduction to Universal Studio Japan.

It was established in 2001 and located in Osaka prefecture. Though the number of visitors had been decreasing for a period of time, it is increasing every year due to added park attractions such as Harry Potter. Universal Studio Japan has the largest attendance figure among Universal Studio all over the world.

So, how does Universal Studio Japan distinguish itself from Tokyo Disney Land?

One of the significant difference is ticket price. For example, a price of 1-day ticket of Universal Studio Japan is 7,  and 1-year ticket is 19, . If we could visit there more than 3 times, it is better to buy 1-year ticket.

On the other hand, a price of 1-day passport of Tokyo Disney Land is 6,900 yen and 1-year ticket is 59, . It means we need to visit there more than 9 times to get a return from 1-year ticket.

From this fact, it might be better to buy 1-year ticket and visit many times if you live around Kansai. Actually, a strategy of Universal Studio Japan is like above, that is, to increase visitors. As a result, the number of people who are in the park is increasing.

However there is a big problem. It is difficult to increase the average sale by 1-year ticket. So, they sell a variety of tickets to ride the attractions preferentially.

Nobody knows if it work out, however, to keep changing is necessary in every field, of course in business.


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