Wanko soba

We would like to introduce “Wanko soba” in this article.

Wanko soba is one of soba. It has come down to the present in Iwate prefecture. And it spread throughout all over Japan.

Wsnko soba is slightly different from other soba. When customer finish eating, a staff at the restaurant put bite-sized soba into the bowl. Customer and staff continue this movement until customer get full. So, customer need to close a lid quickly not to be put soba into the bowl.

In some area, competition is held every year and participants compete who could eat soba a lot within the time limit.

To eat as much as possible, there are some tricks. For example, you should not skip some meal to be hungry. And you need to be careful not to drink seasoning soy sauce.

If you visit Japan, please try it!!




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