Preparations for earthquake

So, what would you do if earthquake happened during your stay? The following is some suggestions and preparations.

Accumulate water!!

When earthquake happened, accumulate water in bucket. It is for flushing a toilet, not for drink or cooking. Even if you stand in line waiting to get water, it might be only a little. Do you know how much water you need to flush a toilet? It is said that two buckets of water and this is the amount you could carry one time. So, if you could become to move after earthquake, accumulate water immediately!!

Put on your shoes!!

After earthquake, you could not move safe without shoes because of glass around building, road and all over places. If you get injured in your feet, you may not evacuate when fire occurs. Or you have a lot of difficulty to get food and water. So, please do not forget to put on your shoes inside and outside house.

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